You’re creating a brand

You could be an entrepreneur that’s just starting out, or the manager of a portfolio of brands at a publicly traded company. Either way, you’re not looking for same old. You’re looking for a break from the norm. For something that moves culture. This could be culture within your company, a community, or the world.

  • Apple
  • Asian Civilisations Museum
  • EDB
  • The Loco Group
  • Mandai
  • Tiger Beer

You’re transforming a brand

You’ve just taken over a dusty old brand that needs some reimagination. Or perhaps you’re the next-gen leader of a family business. You’re looking for change, energy, and the expertise needed to evolve your brand and set it up for its next phase of growth.

  • Banyan Tree
  • KFC
  • Netflix
  • Ong Shunmugam
  • TikTok
  • Zipmex

You’re looking to partner

You’re embarking on a new venture (or adventure), and you’re looking for a partner. Maybe your idea exists as a napkin scribble, or maybe it’s in the process of creation. We’ll work together to grow it from product to launch to who-knows-where-else-this-will-take-us.

  • 1880
  • Art Stage
  • Luzerne
  • Meatless Farm
  • Grain