The Business of Discovery


In today’s world, travel is often taken for granted as a hedonist escape from the daily grind or, at worst, a wasteful practice for the privileged. From the large-scale environmental rehabilitation of degraded sites, to sense-driven spas rooted in traditional Asian wisdom, Banyan Group—formerly Banyan Tree Holdings—shows us not just how travel could be, but how it should be: a powerful tool for investing in the future of all.

Revolutionary as it was thirty years ago, this visionary perspective has never been more relevant than it is today, a time when the multi-trillion dollar global travel industry is directly at odds with our 21st century climate reality. Building on a longstanding creative partnership, we developed their first-ever group strategy, name, and visual identity, coalescing in a bold new paradigm that vitally reframes the purpose and protocols of travel for our time: The Business of Discovery.

A different way

Since 1994, Banyan Group has always seen the power of travel differently. Instead of romantic visions of escapist holidays, it is a blueprint for how individuals connect with the world and a platform for exploring our shared humanity. We visualised this remarkable way of thinking and doing through the Banyan Scope, a graphic device that perpetually shifts our point-of-view to the bigger picture. From an individual perspective, to an interconnected one. From a single moment in time—one holiday, or one fiscal year—to a time horizon that spans generations.

At the same time, we distilled their deeply innovative, intrinsically Asian approach into a striking new logotype, with “rooted” flourishes echoing the brushstrokes of Asian calligraphy, as well as subtly nodding to the roots of the group’s namesake Banyan tree.

A world of endless potential

CO2 sequestration. Coral regeneration. Fair pay. Circularity. To show Banyan Group’s pioneering work in imagery, we created a visual language built on abstraction, possibility, and potential. We also developed a distinctive photographic style that breathes discovery into every moment captured; whether through extreme contrasts of scale, or through the immediacy of a spontaneous instant of discovery. In complement, hyperreal graphics are interpreted through a lens of raw, elemental nature, which nods to the tangible impact Banyan Group achieves.