Redefining ready-to-wear for the Asian woman


Clothes should fit you, not the other way around. But for years, Asian women had to struggle to find ready-to-wear that was actually ready for them to wear. Enter Love, Bonito. Already one of the most exciting fashion brands in the region, Love, Bonito turned to us to help shape their global narrative, ahead of its next milestone expansion into US markets.

We put together a powerhouse team of all-female talent for an in-depth collaboration that culminates in a major redesign for the brand and a commanding new voice for the fashion industry: one that understands and represents the real needs and lives of Asian women, in all their complexity.

A brand with Asian women at its heart
We put Love, Bonito’s deep commitment to Asian women into a bold new Heart monogram that serves as a signal for Asian women to feel loved every time they see it. A strong, sleek wordmark expresses their take on contemporary femininity, with bevelled accents as a subtle nod to the brand’s Asian roots. Last but not least, we crafted a powerful new tagline that gives voice to what women really need from their wardrobes: Ready-to-live, not just ready-to-wear.

Capturing women’s multifaceted lives
Here’s an understatement: modern women’s real lives are layered and complex. So we built a flexible, modular graphic system, engineered to encompass every facet of the brand and the women they serve. From nursing-friendly tops to bodylicious dresses, cheeky technical iconography also form a new visual language to demonstrate that this is a brand that gets you, and your need for bloat-friendly pants.

Expressing true comfort
With clothes made to speak to the truths of Asian women’s real lives, we felt the brand’s voice had to do so, too. Our voice speaks to Asian women in the way that other brands can’t, with the kind of tummy-cramping, sometimes-twisted, laugh-at-ourselves humour we call Asian sass.