Scr*w perfect,
make impact


Cute mascots. Saccharine do-gooders. Utopian futures. There’s a huge gap between what ‘sustainable’ brands promise and the gritty reality of creating real impact.

Bettr is a B Corp company dedicated to the messy, difficult and thankless task of Bettr-ing our planet through coffee. The new Bettr brand celebrates the world of social enterprises in all its imperfect glory, encouraging everyone to ‘Scr*w perfect, make impact.’

The Anti-heros of Bettrland

The cornerstone of Bettr is a fully realised world, complete with characters, dilemmas and planet. It’s more like the setting for a TV show than the best practices page of your brand guide, featuring three-dimensional characters with three-dimensional troubles, instead of corporate spokes-mascots.

Planet Bettr has plenty of problems, just like a certain planet closer to home. Its inhabitants are 3 anti-heroes who are 100% flawed and yet 100% relatable. They continue to strive for change despite constant setbacks—with a grit inspired by Bettr’s own journey as a B Corp company trying to create real, lasting change for the community.

Story-based Brand Bystem
Our narrative-focused brand system turns every available surface into a story. New episodes are found on the side of a coffee cup, on packaging tape, and or even atop your capsule. For the coffee bag packaging, a 2 frame front-and-back system shows life before coffee (B.C.) and after drinking (A.D.). Still stressful but 100% Bettr.

The Bettr style blends a raw loose-edged illustration style with a bold unfussed logomark to create a world that says “100% work-in-progress’. It’s matched with a super honest tone-of-voice and an unfiltered approach to content atypical in the pristine scandi-bougie world of coffee branding. The brand world launched under the new tagline of 100% BETTR–encapsulating the idea that nobody is 100% perfect but if we try, everyone and the world can be 100% Bettr.