Love is in the aisles


Established in 1903, Cold Storage was Singapore’s very first supermarket. Though it was once the unchallenged pioneer, new generations of consumers came to see the stores – as expensive and dated. Tasked to revitalise this once-loved Singaporean brand, we went back to its roots – the almost-obsessive love for freshness and quality that made it Singapore’s go-to grocery in the first place. Harnessing this passion, we brought love back to the aisles of Cold Storage.

An Obsessive Love

We expressed this obsessive love through a characterful brand voice that was ever-eager to help, and always ready with advice and tips – a nod to how love is expressed locally. We introduced a photography style that uses arresting, bright close-ups to highlight freshness and range. The overall sense of playfulness is designed to excite the foodie in everyone, and punctuated with an ownable and personal brand sign-off.

Re-imagining the Experience

Working with Boston Consulting Group, we re-hauled the retail experience, from consumer journey mapping, product categorisation, and customer experience, to spatial design, visual merchandising and wayfinding. The result was a customer-first experiential rulebook that could be easily translated across the various stores.

Love Notes

Where the modern supermarket has become a largely anonymous, impersonal experience, we peppered personal love notes through the entire consumer journey. As shoppers move through the stores, both online and offline, the larger idea of care and commitment surfaces continually through to-the-point tips, expert know-how, recipe suggestions, and staff favourites – all of which act as a loving accompaniment and gentle guiding hand.