What will we eat next?


The food delivery category is home to either the interesting but unhealthy or the fitness-focused but bland. Grain’s experimental and wholesome approach to food was a breath of fresh air in the staid category. It was a world where we don’t have to choose. The brand belief was food has no limits, where the best part of each day is answering the question, “What will we eat next?”

The Test Kitchen

The category was stuck in a familiar playbook of over-styled, perfect-looking food. We wanted to bring imperfection and experimentation back to the table. The brand story is anchored on the test kitchen – the creative space where the Grain team explores, experiments, and plays. Cataloguing the messes as well as the masterpieces, our brand photography spotlights all the braising, grilling, smoking, stir-frying, as well as the burning and spilling that comes before the final dish. The resulting imagery finds beauty and joy in the process, not just on the plate.

Branded Dishes

We uncovered the audience truth that when it comes to mealtimes, people desire specific dishes, rather than the restaurant or food brand. We branded the dishes themselves. Dish names went from functional descriptors to a unique Grain naming structure – one part familiar, one part surprise. Typically boring and functional nutritional information was also shared through the curious, yet fun Grain tone. Bringing experimentation and fun back to healthy food.

Reimagining Catering

Working closely with the Grain team, we created a whole new approach to catering. One that allows for maximum personalisation and intimacy, while balancing the scalability and modularity required from a process and business viewpoint. The revised catering framework flowed through the entire experience, from the website and booking process, to the serving table and set-up, and the post-event experience. We turned typically overlooked or functional touchpoints in the customer journey into moments of surprise.  From plates to delivery trucks, every touchpoint was an opportunity for storytelling and connection.